Tuesday, April 5, 2011

'Christian Prayer Center' appears to be a scam!

If you visited the site Christian Prayer Center, you may have come away with the same impression that I got - it appears to be a scam! ---INCOMPLETE--- This will be finished74 later.


  1. IT IS A SCAM. They tell you that thousands will pray for you and you will get the strongest prayer. Thousands will NOT pray for you. They have a list of FAKE NAMES on the side of the webpage to show the thousands of Christians who are online praying for you. They ask you for MONEY for prayer and give you scriptures to manipulate you into giving them money. If you dont give money, you cannot post a prayer but even if you post a prayer, no one may pray for you. There is no pastor and the photo of the church is not THEIR CHURCH. They have NO CHURCH, only an address and the phone number is a number to a voice mail only. There is no pastor, no church and no one prays for you. They have scammed Christians out of SO MUCH MONEY. Christians SHOULD KNOW that you should not give money to post a prayer request. The promise that "THOUSAND WILL PRAY" and you will get the "STRONGEST prayer" is what makes people who are gullible and desperate pay the fee for the prayer request. They also have a page on facebook and you are told to post a prayer on their website but unless you pay them, they will not post the prayer and no pastor or anyone ever prays for your request. it is PURE EVIL.

    1. I will never give money for someone to pray for me. I asked for prayer, but when I finished, it disappear , now the pastor keep send me emails telling me to make a request..
      Jesus said you err for not known the Scripture.. and I praise the Lord I read my Bible every day...and never read in any place in the Bible that you need to pay someone for prayer..
      This happen in the time Catholic church used to sell pardoning for sins.
      and I fell sorry for you and other people that believe in pastors.that not preach the PRESENT TRUTH even in my denomination some pastors or maybe a lot do not preach the Present truth. that is Revelation 14;6 ,7,8
      do you wanna to know about present truth go youtube and look for Randy Skeete.. this men is awesome !!!! just tray.

      . but don't worry.about this Christian prayer.... God sees all of that . and the bible says also, that Terrible is the thing that fall in GOD, s hands.
      God is love but He is just .
      God bless you my brother...

  2. The name of the so called pastor is the name of a famous basketball player in Washington State. It's an inside joke and the owner of Christian Prayer Center is not just a con-artist but evil. He enjoys taking advantage of Christians and stealing their money.

  3. I have been robbed by Pastor John Carlson and his group.PLEASE be warn do not make any pledge they will take your info and keep taking out your money. THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS AGAINST ALL THOSE THAT ARE DIRTY, REPENT FOR THE COMING OF THE LORD IS NEAR. Yes this Christian prayer group is a SCAM

    1. why didn't you change your bank info I pulled up Joel Osteen's web page one night it was very late and I was tired I have been under a great deal of stress I accidently went on to his site I thought it was strange when I got to the page for the offering I most of the time give an offering for prayer it's biblical I proceeded thinking I like Joel Olsteen the web site is beautiful too bad a demon is using it to take advantage and some of the prayer requests were out of greed when I was logging out and I realized that I was on a differnt site I paniced because I do not give my bank info to those that I do not know when I checked my email there was an email thanking me for my monthly pledge which I never authorized I responded and they responded back saying that it was cancelled I asked for my 15 dollars back but they will not respond so I changed my bank info my heart was in the right place and God will bless me regardless we are in the last days and we have to be aware of the devil in sheeps clothing

  4. Yes, this is despicable. They ask you to pay for prayer!
    If you don't pay, they can't post your prayer!

  5. Thanx 4 the comments, I almost put my bank details to post my prayer request.

  6. Yea, this is SO sad. I have late stage 4 cancer and I was thinking, wow a prayer group - the more the better! I and then i saw the asking for money thing. I don;t think the Lord will treat this kind of thing lightly. He is a God of Love, but He also said, "mine is the vengence!" Anyways, I do hope He is merciful to those who do such things.

    In the meantime, my little church prayed for me. I am still alive!


    1. praise the Lord sister!!! I would better post in face book then in places that they ask for money,,, and today a lot of churches the sermon is all about give money, give money... and the ignorant or simple people , believe in then... the bible never ask for money to receive blessings God asks for our hearts ... it means my life , time ,
      God ask us to give only a 10 % of our salary . and he give us soooo many things . is not that a Great GOD!!!!
      God bless you sister...

  7. Christian Payer Center Scam: No Pay No Prey (spelling intentional)
    One of his hobbies on LinkedIn is Hunting, guess that means Hunting People.
    People like that make me feel ashamed for them. They are buying a "Millstone" for their own neck.
    The Biblical justification is in taking Luke 6:38 (measured giving) way out of context.
    I have visited his website, and luckily stopped when I was asked:
    How much would you like to offer with your request?
    $9 $15 $25 $35
    I was blocked from going any further, until I agreed to pay.
    That, in itself, is enough to realise that this is NOT the work of God !
    Praise Him.

  8. Appears to be a scam? That's awesome! Prayer is a scam. Idiot. But you should pay this guy because he probably can make prayers work. Really, you should do it. Stupid people should lose their money. Yes! Praise Jesus!

    1. Mike, you're an idiot. Period. Who cares what you believe, I have ONE life.. I'm not going to close my eyes and sleepwalk. For God's sake if you even just did a simple search online for the power of the human mind.. you'll see that prayer is even being 'proven' by science so to speak. Not going to waste my energy here. Instead of being so shallow.. go find some books on 'non-local mind' if your pea-brain can handle it.

    2. You must be omniscient, mike,o be able to ACCESS and ASSESS the prayers of so many across the divide of time, history and languages to be able to arrive at so simplistic an answer.

      Do you want your tithe in cash or by PayPal?

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    4. Mike Derucci,

      You've very rudely judged GOD, Jesus the Christ and all Christians, therefore...

      By the power(77) vested in me by GOD as His/Her Christ(77=C3+H8+R18+I9+S19+T20), I hereby rule that 9/6/16 is your latest Judgment Day: you FAIL.

      Sentence: Really bad luck for the rest of your life, then 1,666 years reincarnated as non-human. When you are born-again as human, it will be under really hellish circumstances.

      74 years of your sentence is non-commutable.

      Note: You can repent...

      c.c. http://7seals.yuku.com

  9. I too went to the web site and when it ask for money I was like Really !!!!! Praying is FREE !!!! God don't Like ugly you will pay !!!!!!! Bbelieve that

  10. Yoh! I was shocked beyond my imagination that we needed to buy prayer and today he hit home as he spoke of restoration in relationships and giving people a second chance. Bible says we perish because of lack of wisdom. The very spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is in us. We must take responsibility of our prayer life and ask in prayer in the name of Jesus without doubt and in faith. The Bible says EVERYTHING BOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

    We don't need one strong prayer group, but privacy and a conversation with God, Jesus has paid the price and the answer is a done deal.

    we must just trust the word of God and read it otherwise we don't know what and how to ask for answers in prayer.

    I believe in prayer and in the power of His Might. Hebrews 5:7-10. Be blessed!

  11. Emma: You came here to run a scam?! Wow! Today is your Judgment Day: you FAIL.

  12. Download the phone app Precarii. It's on Google Play and iTunes, post a prayer and people from around the world will pray for you for free.